September 28, 2018

Internship Opportunities

We are looking for sharp, entrepreneurial, and hard-working individuals to join our team to help us find and acquire a business to operate. This is a great opportunity to learn how to identify and analyse private company investment opportunities, approach owners and shareholders, and negotiate transactions. You will develop the skills for a future career in entrepreneurship, private equity, investment banking, or consulting. You will also learn how you might go about raising capital and acquiring a business yourself in the future.

For current undergraduate and graduate business students, we may offer part-time internships during the Jan to Apr, May to Aug, and Sep to Dec school terms, as well as full-time internships during the same terms for those on a co-op term or otherwise having the ability to work full-time. For those not in school, we occasionally offer full-time internships with a flexible start date and a minimum 3 month term.

For the current Jan to Apr 2021 term, we are at this time not hiring any additional interns. For the May to Aug 2021 term, we have not yet determined if we will hire any additional interns. Nonetheless, if you are interested in an internship, we would invite you to submit your CV, cover letter, and grade transcript (for current students) to, indicating the desired term and part-time/full-time in the subject line. In your cover letter, please indicate why you are interested in an internship with a search fund and what skills you are aiming to develop. We will review applications when a need for additional analysts arises.

Thank you for your interest in Red Oak Succession Capital!

Full-Time Internships: Ongoing
Applications can be submitted at anytime, and will be reviewed periodically when a need for additional team members arises